Enabling Denmark’s journey to decarbonisation

We use our global network and local experience to find the best innovative low-carbon solutions for each of our customers.

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  • Innovative low carbon solutions

    Bring immediate added value to your business, customers and citizens through low carbon innovation

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  • Outdoor lighting modernisation

    Quality, safety, sustainability: we have the expertise and local knowledge to optimise your lighting

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  • Streetlight maintenance

    We are your trusted partner; we pride ourselves on customer service and energy-saving solutions

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  • Consulting and design

    Let our specialist team help you optimise your lighting, traffic or EV-charging (electric vehicle charging) project

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  • Artistic lighting

    Bring life, beauty and function to your building, monument or sport venue

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Our priorities are quality of service, safety and delivering a positive impact on people’s lives.

Outdoor lighting modernisation

Copenhagen: Denmark’s first smart city

Artistic lighting

Nature and community in Frederiksbro

Outdoor lighting modernisation

Lighting up the Metro

Faulty streetlighting?

Are you experiencing problems with the streetlighting in your area? Please contact us.

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