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Whether modernising existing installations or lighting up large new developments, we work with public and private customers to design and/or install energy-efficient smart lighting solutions.

EDF in Denmark: smart city energy management

Copenhagen: Denmark’s first Smart City

As part of the city’s aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025, Copenhagen Municipality set out to improve the energy efficiency of its street lighting, as well as improve the safety and comfort of its residents.

Within 3 years, we replaced 18,800 light points with LED lights and set up a city-wide communication network to adjust lighting levels according to identified needs via intelligent street lighting. We now maintain the street lighting in Copenhagen Municipality, and use our digital public lighting control platform MUSE® as the asset management system to plan interventions, monitor consumption levels and communicate quickly with the city's technical services.

The impact of the renewal project is CO2 emissions reduced by 3,200 tons per year and 55% energy savings.

EDF in Denmark: Alfred Nobel Bridge LED public lighting

Design and functionality

Another exciting project carried out for Copenhagen Municipality: The newly established Alfred Nobel Bridge at Teglholmen had 1,000 LEDs installed in the handrail and 6 new masts with LED spots to light up the pedestrian areas and highlight the design of the bridge.

EDF in Denmark: metro lighting

Lighting up the Metro

We worked alongside the Copenhagen Metro and its other partners for 2 years to bring a brand new line into service. The M3 Cityringen circle line was officially opened in 2019 and our team installed 300 outdoor lights at 15 of its 17 stations. The aim was to minimise the impact on the environment by using LEDs, and to install lighting that was in keeping with the city's character.