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We design, install and maintain lighting solutions, to provide safe, practical, beautiful, and energy-efficient outdoor spaces.

Maximise the potential of buildings, monuments, artworks, green spaces or sport fields through innovative and practical lighting solutions.

EDF in Denmark: Hillerød artistic lighting

Nature and community in Frederiksbro

In this new development in Hillerød, we have been working for M. Goldschmidt Ejendomme A/S to provide beauty and safety in the green areas through artistic lighting. The effect was achieved through specially designed LED spots installed at the edge of the lake as well as 6 meter masts highlighting key community areas such as playgrounds.

EDF in Denmark: Hillerød artistic lighting

History, beauty and energy savings in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Municipality has renovated the exterior lighting on some of Copenhagen’s best loved buildings and attractions: City Hall, the Stock Exchange, the Ministry of Finance, Christiansborg Palace, Thorvaldsen’s Museum, Nikolaj Church, Grundtvig’s Church and the Little Mermaid.

Our technicians replaced the old incandescent lights with LED spots, equipping them with intelligent control units so they can be controlled remotely and light levels can be adjusted individually.

The main aim of the project was to achieve at least 90% energy savings. It has now been calculated to be more than 95%!