Make your area more attractive with an electric vehicle charging network

Through its various entities around the world and its proven expertise, EDF has contributed to the implementation of an e-mobility offer in Denmark. EDF works closely with municipalities to offer solutions tailored to their needs.

Whether deploying a small infrastructure or a full-fledged high-speed recharging hub, EDF will put its resources at your disposal to contribute to the success of your project.

They trust us to install and manage their electric vehicle charging stations. Find out more about our projects for public sector customers.

Our projects

EV charging: EDF working with the municipality of Egedal

Public charging point for the municipality of Egedal

The deployment of charging stations supports the municipality's transition to electric vehicles and is an important part of Egedal's climate action plan. EDF will strive to ensure that charging stations are installed quickly and safely, in line with EDF's strict safety and environmental standards.

EDF Danmark electric vehicle charging station

Charging stations on the way in Brøndby

EDF is delighted to have been chosen as a partner of Brøndby Municipality. The goal is to provide the municipality's residents with access to electric vehicle charging at strategically important locations as municipal parking areas.

Electric vehicle charging stations installation for the Helsingor Health House

Installation of electric vehicle charging stations for the Helsingor Health House

Helsingør Health House wants to provide access to charging stations both for its service electric vehicles and for staff, patients and visitors. With this installation Helsingør Health House is in line with the municipality's e-mobility strategy.

Green mobility: EDF Danmark agreement with Hvidovre Municipality

Installation of public electric vehicle charging stations for the municipality of Hvidovre

In 2023, EDF Danmark signed an agreement with Hvidovre Municipality to install a total of 140 charging points. EDF Danmark started installing electric vehicle charging stations in February 2023 and will also be responsible for their operation for the next 10 years.

EDF Danmark partnership to support green mobility

Teamwork for green mobility and more precisely for e-mobility

EDF Danmark has chosen to partner with the international charging platform Spirii to support green mobility and the expansion of the charging network in Denmark.

The solution implemented in collaboration with Spirii makes it simple and safe to charge your car in the local area. Users enter their payment card information and pay for the kilowatt-hours they consum. In other words, they do not need a subscription to charge your car.

With its partner, EDF offers a simple and unique e-mobility experience.