Your partner for low carbon technical infrastructure

We design and install integrated technical infrastructure solutions for public and private customers.
Our priorities are quality of service, safety and the environment.

Outdoor lighting modernisation

Whether modernising existing installations or lighting up large new developments, we work with public and private customers to design and/ or install energy-efficient smart lighting solutions.

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Streetlight maintenance

We maintain more than 120.000 lightpoints in the streets of Denmark and work closely with municipalities to provide an efficient service for their citizens.

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Consulting and design

We provide light calculations, lighting design and other insights based on our in-depth knowledge of outdoor lighting.

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Artistic lighting

We help maximize the potential of buildings, monuments, artworks, green spaces or sport fields through innovative and practical lighting installations.

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Innovative low-carbon solutions

We connect the city to the needs of the citizens by providing sensors, platforms, studies or new technologies.

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