MUSE® is the Computerized Maintenance Management System platform you need to manage your assets. It can also control your public street lighting like a native solution and even become the digital twin of your city to drive batteries of advanced scenarios. Finally, MUSE® is the hypervisor connecting your supervisors into a unique place of control.

MUSE®, the platform of the future

MUSE® is positioned at the crossroads of various existing business solutions and is based on a precise and exhaustive multi-domain asset management foundation.

With this tool, the operation of the community's services becomes easy and the user can consult multiple indicators and dashboards indicating the quality of daily monitoring of assets, works, maintenance, and the feedback of measurements, thus allowing simplified management.

MUSE®, a CMMS solution

MUSE® CMMS allows you to process and monitor in real time all operations and maintenance (curative and preventive), plan and carry out interventions, manage tickets and stocks, fill in a table of activity monitoring in connection with the proper conduct of the project, generate reports qualifying the status of the asset or monitor the progress of work planned at the beginning of the contract.

This tool, accessible on a tablet, computer or smartphone, by several people and in several languages, allows the end customer to consult these indicators whenever he wants and to ensure transparency with regard to the project in progress.

MUSE®, a public lighting control platform

MUSE®, a public lighting control platform, is TALQ certified (a consortium that has developed a protocol to drive and control Smart City systems in a standardized way). The user can control the different manufacturer's nodes in a homogeneous way (switching on, switching off, dimming) as well as remotely changing the operating mode. The power or consumption measurements can be consulted by cabinet and by light point according to a time window defined by the user.

MUSE®, a digital twin in the Smart City

In order to facilitate decision making, it is now possible to have a global view of all the equipment. MUSE® allows you to model your assets, to get user information such as satisfaction or dynamic flows, to know the KPIs* in relation with the set objectives, to aggregate data from third party systems and sensors (environment, parking, traffic...) and to provide decision support tools via dashboards and graphs of all kinds. This solution is interconnectable with other solutions and can easily exchange information with them. Combined with powerful editing, simulation and artificial intelligence functionalities linked to prediction, the MUSE® software is the solution for monitoring contractual indicators and making decisions.

Muse’s interface, a public lighting platform - Transcript below

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