Responsible digital technology at EDF

Building a CO2 neutral energy future that combines protecting the planet, well-being and development through electricity and innovative services and solutions: this is the EDF Group's purpose.

Digital technology is a tremendous lever for consuming less energy more efficiently. 
We will continue to develop and innovate through digital technologies. And we will do so responsibly
Our digital tools are therefore constantly evolving with regard to: 

  • the respect of personal dataI;
  • its accessibility;
  • its carbon footprint.

An eco-design approach on

We do not look at eco-design from the angle of digital sobriety, synonymous with decline, but rather aim for the concept of digital efficiency: "our tools must achieve their goal using as few resources as possible".

Since 2020, we have undertaken structural changes on the site, with the aim of making our pages consistent with this approach to reducing their carbon footprint. 
This has been carried out in several stages and in accordance with different approaches:

  • reducing the number of elements that make up the structure of our web pages;
  • optimising fonts;
  • reducing the number of steps to move from one point to another;
  • optimising network queries;
  • reducing the use of Javascript;
  • optimising the management of our CMS, the tool that distributes our pages;

This work has a positive impact on the time spent on our site, on the bandwidth used to browse, on server storage, and on its accessibility.

Measuring the results of our approach

To objectify our approach, we use measurement tools.
These tools analyse each of our pages and give us an eco-design score.
Among other things, we use the EcoIndex tool developed by the Green IT community, whose publications we have used to make progress.
Since beginning our work, we are proud to have made significant progress with respect to our score. And we wish to continue this work to achieve the best possible efficiency.